Atlantify has developed tools that can extracts data from different government sites and transform them into a appropriate format for the business. Some of the technologies we are using are Automatic IP rotation, scraping behind login walls, our TOR & SOCKS5 networks, captcha solvers, images analyzing and more.

Data scraping is essentially a form of data mining. Items like weather reports, auction details, market pricing, or any other list of collected data can be sought in data scraping efforts.

Instant notification of new procurement

Our product reaches all new public procurement or EU funded projects funds(or those from the beneficiaries), categorizes them and sending a SMS or e-mail notification. Categorization is based on the interests of the company, defined government sectors, and keyword analysis.

Instant notification of new procurement

Bulgarian statistics*

Indexed EU Investments

  • 15.2263045 Billion Euros
  • 6650 Projects
  • 4275 Beneficiary

Public Procurement

  • Most expensive: X.X Billion Euros
  • Total: 128 366
  • Branches: 12 700 (CPV)

Companies register

  • Total: 411 823
  • Inactive: 255 330 (by declarations)
  • Branches: 887 (NKID)

Development & Integration

If you need a similar product, you can contact us to discuss how we can cooperate. We can develop a solution just for your needs or integrate you into our system.

Development & Integration

*Data refers to a date 03/2019. The date Atlantify Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy of the above mentioned statistics