Each product we provide is suited to the specific need of your practice. Our team works closely with the client. Also we have available mental health experts to offer high standards and quality of end-to-end service.

Atlantify provides solutions to
  • Reduce the document flow by 20%
  • Optimize the time of the therapist, psychologist or counselor by 12%
  • Increase the client volume by 4%

We can help you

To transform and organize your practice. To save time and paper. To have your practice available wherever you go. No downloads. No installation. All you need is web browser.

We can help you

Your practice everywhere with you

You can have Digital practice from every point at any moment. You save time, effort and money. The services we offer are safe and secure.

All in one place

Organize your calendar, invoice and track payments, create and modify profiles, clinical history, send emails and sms to customers

Secure video calls

Secure and easy video calling system available from any device by both the therapist and the customer. Anytime, anywhere.

Integration of psychological evaluation tools

Flexibility for integrating questionnaires, scales, customer evaluation tests. As well as any tools needed by the therapist during the work process.

Integration of psychological evaluation tools