Road Transportation is the essential link in the freight business and especially in warehousing. Shipments travel across the world through various modes, but every order begins and ends with land transportation. Effective and efficient overland transportation plays a very crucial role in achieving successful supply chain operation.

Today companies are challenged to streamline their transportation management process to maximize efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profit margin.

Automation will strengthen your business and drive growth

We can help you with the development of a software solution, which will handle the full range of your transportation operations in an efficient and well-organized manner. You will be able to manage all possible aspects of Inland & overland transportation from Pick request, Trip Planning, tracking and proof of delivery to invoicing.

Automation will strengthen your business and drive growth

Visibility & Flexibility

Organizations rely on complex delivery networks and applications. We can provide a flexible, scalable service assurance platform, capable of providing real-time visibility of the performance, into all locations of your network.

Big Data Analysis

We provide wire-speed responsiveness and real-time performance analytics to effectively react to the constant demand for faster execution and assurance that planes, trains, vessels, and vehicles arrive on time.

Vendor-neutral solution

We enable your organization to effectively manage wired and wireless environments and to unite network and cloud applications, via a process compliant with UC&C performance requirements.

Fleet & Logistics

We already have experience in this type of software, so we are well aware of all the nuances of GPS vehicle tracking and effective fleet management. We help our customers reduce paperwork, save fuel using real-time GPS technology, and make each trip as efficient and profitable as possible. Our team has great experience in creating a fleet vehicle tracking solutions with up-to-the-minute speed and location updates.

Fleet & Logistics