Every business is now a digital business. The challenge is applying technology to its fullest potential in any organization. We can provide you with quality services in each phase of creating software solutions, from strategizing and development, through integration and implementation, to maintenance and support.

Location is a factor. If you are based in Europe, with us, you will benefit from overlapping business hours, availability for spontaneous online meetings and no more than 3-hour flights for meetups in person.

Our Expertise

We are are a team of highly motivated individuals valuing the importance of self-improvement. We are always looking to expand your portfolio with the latest technologies.Currently, our experience includes:

  • Middle-ware support and cloud
  • Development of mobile & web solutions
  • Big data processing and machine learning
  • Agile management and development processes

Our Expertise

Our mission

Building long term partnership

For us, you are not just a client you are a partner. If your business grows we grow as well, so our primary goal is always to provide the highest quality. To ensure uniform results throughout all projects, we follow established methodologies like TDD, Scrum and Continuous Delivery.

Providing modern solutions

Our biggest strength is developing cloud solutions for any business or industry. To ensure an effortlessly scalable environment we are using Kubernetes, and for hosting provider, we rely on Hetzner - one of the biggest cloud hosting providers, located in Germany.

Being driven by client's needs

Your needs are our driving force. We are open to using methodologies and technologies you've already integrated into your own development process. We can also explore together different advanced solutions if they are better suited for a particular project.

Why us

  • We have a strong belief that a happy client is a potential long term partner, so we work hard on delivering bug-free, low maintenance solutions that meet the criteria of each of your clients.
  • We are flexible, always seeking to expand our technology stack with the latest solutions that can benefit not only us but our partners.
  • To ensure the quality of your products we apply the newest methodologies like Test Driven Development and Scrum. We have integrated procedures laid out in the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Why us