As traditional agriculture moves into the future, it's important for you to have a technology partner like Atlantify to integrate new technology using modern methods and architecture. We can develop precision agriculture technology solutions to address all aspects of agriculture technology workflow, including soil mapping, remote sensing, and integration of GPS tracking and Drones

Take full control over your land, crops and equipment and effortlessly manage and automate crops, irrigation, food safety, customer relations, accounting, pricing, inventory, contracts and more.

Farm management solutions

We can develop various software solutions to automate your processes, achieve higher yields and increase your revenue. We can help you to centralize the management and scheduling of key components like seeding, irrigation, fertilizing, pesticides spraying and crop harvesting.

Farm management solutions

Weather Alert Systems

Hail is damaging property at a rapidly increasing rate. Historically, hail storms have caused an average of $1 billion dollars a year in damage to crops in U.S. We can provide you with a solution that will warn you of the bad weather.

Drone Management

We can build you a system for managing your agricultural drones. This kind of solutions is used for precision agriculture, which is a modern method of farming that uses Big Data, aerial imagery, and other means to optimize efficiency.


GEO/GIS technologies can be used for the needs of agriculture, allowing more users to access geographic information, and to use the full potential offered by maps for agricultural business management.

Livestock management

With cloud-based solutions, we can help you to centralized and automated cattle and other livestock management without large investments in digital infrastructure. With modern technologies, you can track gestation status and herd-wide propagation, locations and other important indicators of your livestock. We can develop a decision support system, suited to your specific needs, based on collected data from your operations to help you reduce costs.

Livestock management