We help fast-growing Fintech companies to develop innovative solutions in the area of financial technologies. We are also working with major technology firms operating in other areas helping them to create financial applications to meet the rapidly changing expectations of its customers.

While the software is important, essential are the conclusions you draw from the data and analysis. Good software supports good decision making but does not guarantee it.

Billing & Payments Solutions

We can provide you solutions that automate billing and payment processing of all buyers and vendors, provide detailed transaction statistics and reporting, support approval and other custom workflows, handle customized payment terms and real-time billing, ensure payment security.

Billing & Payments Solutions

Internet banking

Answer the ever-growing customers’ needs for secure 24/7 access to their banking accounts with custom internet banking.
Whether you want to implement a solution from scratch or update your current obsolete software, Atlantify will provide you with а rich functional scope and ensure implementation of the best online banking practices.

Mobile banking

Provide your customers with a full range of banking services on their phones.
Atlantify will help you implement custom mobile banking software tailored to your specific needs. Our software solutions vary from basic to A-class mobile banking apps and include both core and advanced functionality (e.g., personal financial management, loyalty program integration, augmented reality, and more).

Customer portal

Ensure safe and user-friendly environment for your customers with customized banking solutions created from scratch.
Build B2C banking portals for ongoing communication and long-term relationships with your customers, or B2B portals with role-based content personalization, multiple logins for customer employees, clear portfolio manager, financial planning and other custom functions.


Your solutions and products should be not just online but also mobile. After all, transactions are nowadays increasingly finalized using mobile devices.
We take this into account in the development of our products which can be used both via the web and by iOS and Android apps.